Friday, July 03, 2015

Gone Wild

Romper: MinkPink Shoes: JCrew Kids

Summer is finally upon us. With high school out of the way and long empty days stretching before me, I am excited to see where this Summer brings me. I am sort of all over the place; home for a few weeks, working, and then doing a little bit of traveling. Despite this being the most amount of time I ever spent at home during the Summer I am grateful for the quiet streets of my town and these last few weeks here. 

I was really trying to achieve the aesthetic of a Wes Anderson movie with these pictures, although that didn't work out as well as I had hoped. I was unable to pull off the style of Moonrise Kingdom with 1960s inspired clothes because my wardrobe is just not equipped for that. Likewise the photos ended up looking a lot more jungle explorer than I had intended, but I love the way they turned out. The bright light seeping through the green leaves of the trees cast the most beautiful shadows. The pictures perfectly express the eerie feeling of being all alone, stuck in one place but reveling in the time to explore, which is similar to how my Summer will be.

I am so sorry for my long and uncalled-for absence here, but I promise you big things are coming to the blog very soon!

- S

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