Thursday, May 14, 2015

Too Cool For School

Shirt: Forever21 Pants: Urban Outfitters Shoes: Converse

I am just way too cool for school, right? Yeah, okay.
At this point, I am so over school work in general, not that I am ready to graduate just yet. The ironic thing is these pictures were actually taken at my elementary school. I love the combo of fierce red lips, a classic tank and some stellar ripped jeans. This look just screams edgy and a little rebellious to me, and thats just what I was going for. 

Tomorrow night is my senior prom.
 I have to say that I am not usually one for school dances but I am excited about this. I have a gorgeous dress to wear and I can't wait to get all dolled up! And then spend the entire weekend with my friends.
 Be on the lookout for a prom coming soon. 

- S

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