Monday, May 18, 2015

Senior Prom

My senior prom was on Friday night...
It was a blast! I love getting all dressed up, and taking tons of pictures and having the entire prom experience.

I had the amazing opportunity of designing my own prom dress.
 I applied and won a contest with Fame & Partners, an Australian based formal occasion dress company. The first part of my prize was designing a prom dress. Basically, I was able to take one of their designs and make it my own. Over the past few weeks I have been collaborating with the company; I had a video conference call with the head designer and she was able to sketch out exactly what I wanted. I chose to change the print of the skirt from a darker floral printed fabric to something lighter. I kept the top the same stark white color, but changed the back from a criss-cross to two wrap around straps. I had an amazing experience working with the team and creating a one of a kind dress. 

- S

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