Thursday, May 28, 2015

Confidence is Key Take 11

My "Confidence is Key" posts are finally back! I am so sorry that I haven't posted one in a while, but I will be sure to keep them going this time!

To celebrate the posts coming back I would like to talk about why I do them. 
 I believe that being confident is one of the best things a person can be, being at ease with ones self allows for a happier life. By having confident we are able to view ourselves and others in the best light possible. I have always had my mom and two older sisters to look up to, they have been there as positive role models and an inspiration to me. Ever since I was little they have exuded the perfect mix of self confidence and kindness, something that I have always tried to emulate.
It wasn't until recently that I discovered that confidence isn't just about not caring what others think of you. Real, honest, completely unquestionable self confidence stems from deep inside and in my opinion is unachievable. There are no certainties in life, and even with confidence no one is 100% sure of themselves. There is always a small part of everyone that has doubts and fears and that is just a part of being human. 
Self acceptance takes time and a lot of work, but its worth it in the end. My goal is to prove how important being confident is and share my thoughts on how to become more confident. 

- S

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