Monday, April 13, 2015

I'm Back Baby

I took an accidental hiatus from blogging these past few weeks and for that I am terribly sorry. Life just gets in the way sometimes, especially while I try to get my plans for after high school solidified. Which will probably never happen, between planning my possible gap year and picking a college, I have way too many big decisions to make. 
But now I am back, fully refreshed from a long spring break last week with many exciting things coming my way!

Skirt: Thrifted Shirt: Free People Shoes: Doc Martins

Today it felt almost like Summer, sunny and about 75 degrees, a gorgeous day. I wore this long striped skirt and a light weight, mint green, pull over. Something simple to kick off the beginning of the end of my high school career. We start our fourth and final quarter in school on thursday and honestly the idea of graduation terrifies me. Although I am excited for the adventures that lay beyond high school right now I am in a good place and I never want it to end. 

- S

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