Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Trapped in the Middle

We are trapped between the chilly winter and beautiful, bright spring days. Last week was gorgeous, warm and sunny. This week is cold, cold, and cold. Well it's not that bad, around 40 degrees but I am so ready for spring. This time of year it's hard to decide what to wear, whether you choose to stay snug in sweaters or pull out your shorts, look below to find my tips for dressing in this ever changing weather. 

Dress & Socks: Free People Vest: Vintage Shoes: H&M 

Today, I picked one of my more wintery dresses and paired it with a lighter vest. I left the tights behind and went for wool over the knee socks and ankle boots. The long sleeves balance out my bare legs, while sort of keeping me warm. 
If you choose to go for jeans or another pair of pants, forgo sweaters and long sleeves for a tank top or tee shirt with a leather or denim jacket. For an edgier look, go for a pair of shorts with tights underneath and something warm on top. Don't let the wild weather stop you, the possibilities are endless but at this time of year balance and layers are key. 

- S

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