Friday, February 13, 2015

Oh the Places You'll Go

Big things happened yesterday...
I went to my first fashion week show!
It was absolutely amazing! I have never been to anything like it before. Sarina and I arrived at Lincoln Center about an hour before our show, we watched as women and men dressed in fur coats and wacky prints strutted down the street, while photographers stood by armed with their cameras ready to take a shot at any moment. I actually managed to get my picture taken for an online magazine called Respoken (so keep a look out for that)! I wondered around taking pictures of everything, and no one seemed to mind when I not so subtly took their picture. 

Once we entered the fashion week tent I was confused, it wasn't at all as I had imagined. Their were little booths all around the area with some free products and things to try. There was a sitting space and a small cafe too, and of course a Mercedes-Benz car or two. 

The show itself was jaw dropping... the lights came up and the music started, the models paraded down the white flower covered runway. The designs were simple with interesting patterns and color pallets. There were oranges, yellows, and blues mixed in with neutral prints in black and white. The hair was full and curly. The models were happy and excited. OVERALL, IT WAS A FUN SHOW. So happy and easygoing. Very different from what I thought it would be. 

I was lucky enough to sit in the fourth row in a center section so I had a great view of the runway. Across from me was Katie Holmes and Adriana Lima, which was really cool!! They are in the background of almost all of my runway shots so keep an eye out for them!

Pants: H&M Sweater: Vintage Calvin Klein Jacket: Vintage Hat: Free People Shoes: Converse

I tried to go for a "New York chic" outfit yesterday, with my pleather pants, my moms amazing vintage Calvin Klein sweater and my cheetah coat. 

My experience yesterday was something that I will never forget. It reminded me of why I am so excited to eventually begin a career in the fashion world.
 Things are going so well for me right now; I have an amazing internship, a possible collaboration brewing and I will be attending Teen Vogue's Fashion University in a few weeks. My dreams seem closer now then they ever have ever been before! I can't wait to see what my future holds and the places that I will go! I know that in order to get to where I want to be I will have to work really hard. I hope to continue to learn more about photography and styling in order to expand my abilities and learn. 

Right now, I am blissfully happy with every aspect of my life and it is the best feeling in the world!

- S

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