Monday, February 09, 2015

Dreaming of Summer

Don't get me wrong I love the winter.
 The glistening of snow that is still fresh on the trees. Sweaters. Hot chocolate. Snow days. Bundling up with tons of layers. Cool air. Early days. 

But recently I have begun to dream of summer, or more like relive last summer. One of my favorites thus far, I traveled to France and spent an entire month with my family who lives there which was filled with wonderful adventures. I went to the beach and got burned to a crisp. Experienced real summer concerts and the sweaty streets of NYC. 

So here's to reliving last summer... while embracing the one that is to come!

 This next summer is a big one for me, the transition from high school to college or to a year off will be life changing. Big things are coming and I have already began to dream of what lays ahead. 

- S

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