Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snow Day

Storm Juno blew in last night... and totally cheated us.
 We got almost no snow. Six to eight inches tops. Come on. Where is the blizzard I was promised? Where is the three feet of snow that the weather called for?  
I was so ready to be snowed in all day. I thought we would have to struggle to push open the doors. Then be forced to stay inside all day by a fire while the roads were cleared. 
Of course I am so happy that we had a snow day! It was quite relaxing. But I would have loved to have the big blizzard I was so ready for!

My day consisted of a lot of reading, I am totally engrossed in this book called I Capture the Castle and am determined to finish it before I return to school tomorrow. 
I also did some baking, which didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. I got a peanut butter chocolate chip recipe from allrecipes.com and it turned out to be a bust. The cookies tasted pretty good but the texture was off so they were very crumbly, and I definitely blame the peanut butter for that. 
 I spent some time outside with my dog, Casey. Although she is sort of a wimp when it comes to the cold. 
I stayed in comfortable clothes all day; leggings, an oversized flannel, and fuzzy socks. And didn't do any studying for my final exam tomorrow... oops! 

- S

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