Saturday, January 31, 2015

Semi 2015

Last night was my schools semi formal dance. The last time that I went was freshman year and it wasn't great, so I was skeptical at first. But we ended up having a great time! Of course we had a pre party with the typical corsage and boutonniere and a ton of pictures. 
Take a look below...

 Skirt & Shirt: Aqua Shoes: H&M

 I love love love what I wore, the two piece Aqua set was so different from what anyone else had on. The skirt is neoprene, a thick yet soft, foam like fabric with an open paneled bottom. While the shirt is more of a coarser, stiffer fabric. I think that the combination was stunning and definitely not your everyday outfit. The mix of black and white prints with simple makeup, cat-eye liner and red lips, made for a very classic look. I borrowed some of my moms jewelry and ended up adding gold accents to the outfit with a delicate cuff, chunky square earrings, my locket and a beaded clutch. 

Overall I had a great time, I might even be over hating school dances! Too bad it took me four years to realize!

- S

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