Tuesday, January 13, 2015

On the Run...

Did you notice that something's changed here on The Adventures of S? No. Well maybe you need some glasses. This is a big change. A fresh start. A brand new blog layout and design! What do you think? (please leave a comment below) I am loving this classic black and white theme that we have going on here. Over the next few days the blog will probably change a little more as I continue to play around with the layout and figure out what I like. 

 I wore this lovely outfit today to school. Due to the freezing nature of this winter I have developed my "on the run" or "I am too lazy to be creative" or "its too cold for anything else" go to outfit. A dress, over leggings (yes leggings because they are so much warmer than tights), and some sort of boots. Of course there is always some variation because I like to keep things fresh. For today I threw on the eagle tank top and fluffy vintage coat. I am sure that you will see plenty of more outfits like this as the winter drags on...

- S

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  1. I love it! Obvi though I'm partial to the old one ;)