Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Let it snow...

It snowed today!!
 The white, fluffy powder just barely covers the grass but it is a beautiful sight. I love love love the snow but it hasn't snowed enough this year. I want snow days, hot coco, snow ball fights and ice in my hair as I walk my dog. I want a snowy winter! 

I got these great pants a little while ago at a local thrift store as part of a suit set. I love the straight cut and checkered print, especially when paired with my cropped turtleneck and vintage denim jacket. 

I went back to school yesterday and let me tell you that it has been ruff, I am so not into this whole school thing anymore. Although I know that I am not quite ready to graduate just yet. 

- S

Pants: Thrifted Ann Taylor
Shirt: Forever21
Jacket: Ralph Lauren
Shoes: Free People

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