Monday, December 01, 2014

Field Trip

A few weeks ago my anatomy class went on a field trip to the Liberty Science Center to view an open heart surgery. We sat in a small auditorium and watched (on a screen) as a doctor preformed a bypass surgery on a patient. 


I am not that into the whole blood and guts thing and I don't want to be a doctor but its just so fascinating. I watched as the surgeon stop the heart by connecting it to a heart and lung machine and then preform the bypass surgery. I saw a real, beating heart.

I am beginning to love my anatomy class, I learn interesting facts about the human body and the way it works. 

The Liberty Science Center is a really cool place, if you live in NJ/NY you should definitely check it out. After the surgery we had a few hours to check out all the cool exhibits. I will admit that it is definitely veered more towards little kids but we still had so much fun!

- S

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  1. Sophie! who is that boy?!?! OMG he is SOOOOO cute ;)