Monday, December 08, 2014

Brooklyn Adventures

Yesterday my mom, Shelby, are friend Diana and I went to Greenpoint Brooklyn for a craft show. It was so much fun. 

Our first stop was a little place called Enid's where we met my big brother Davis for brunch. I had a delicious egg and steak sandwich. The atmosphere was great, really low key but super open and inviting, with really cute wooden benches and chairs. 

Then we headed over to The Brooklyn Expo Center for the craft show. There was soooo many little booths and stands filled with a variety of crafts. Everything from vintage clothes, to hand made jewelry, to dog coats, to crepes and all the in-betweens. There was actually a cat cafe, which is basically a little area where you pay to pet cats... crazy! But sort of a cool idea, its a good thing I have so many cats at home! I loved searching through all the funky jewelry pieces, everything was so beautifully crafted and designed. 

Take a look at our Brooklyn adventure....

- S

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