Saturday, December 27, 2014

A Night at the Theater...

Merry Christmas (and happy holidays) to all!! I hope that everyone had a lovely holiday season!

My Christmas was spectacular, we have your typical christmas with presents, yummy food, and of course family! I love this time of year, everything is always so beautiful and peaceful. 

Yesterday afternoon I headed into New York City for a night at the theater with my cousin, Eileen. We headed over to time square and then continued walking uptown until we reached The Plaza where we visited the Eloise room, Eloise at Christmastime is my favorite holiday movie! There are little shops and things in the basement of The Plaza with tons of food stands, we wandered around while munching on sandwiches and crepes. 

Then we headed back over to the theater district to see The Phantom of the Opera on broadway. It was amazing!! Oh man... from the moment the lights began to dim and the music started I was transfixed, lost in the spell of the creepy love story.  

After the show we stuck around and tried to see some of the actors as they left the theater. We ended up at the backdoor of a completely different show, it was the play called It's Only a Play starring (drum roll please) none other than Rupert Grint aka Ron Wesley from Harry Potter!! Eileen and I waited with a large crowd of people giddy with anticipation... eventually he came out, signed some programs and took a bunch of pictures. The Ron Wesley was 10 feet in front of me... lives were changed last night.

- S

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