Monday, November 03, 2014

Vests 101


Look number one:  A vintage tee-shirt dress with my oversized denim jacket and three sizes two big fake fur vest over top of that. I love this first look its sort of simple yet so layered with texture that it plays with the eye. Take a look....

Look number two: The same vintage red dress with a completely different vest on top of it. A completely different look but a favorite of mine nonetheless. This long, dark grey vest brings a fancier vibe to any outfit. 

These vests are both relatively new to my wardrobe, but I am already in love. They are both great additions for this upcoming winter that is sure to be a cold one. 

Thank you to my little bro, Tucker for taking my pictures today and actually doing a good job (the ice cream bribe really worked)!

- S

First look: 
Dress: Vintage Talbots
Jacket: Ralph Lauren
Vest: Free People
Shoes: Vintage Stuart Weitzman
Socks: H&M

Second look: 
Vest: Free People
Shoes: H&M

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