Monday, October 13, 2014

Life According to Instagram

Over the long weekend my parents and I embarked on a college road trip to North Carolina. I saw four different schools over the course of the weekend, and I loved every minute spent in one of my favorite places in the world, the mountains of western North Carolina.
Below are a few snap shots from the weekend.

I love the mountains at this time of year.
 Everything is still lush from the summer but is slowly beginning to thin as winter approaches. The leafs switch from dark green to hues of red and yellow, which results in beautiful, rich colors. The ever constant breeze is there to pick up fallen leafs and launch them back into the air. We spent most of today driving home, in the early morning we drove on a lot of back roads apparently with some incredible views, unfortunately they were lost to us due to all of the fog. The fog and clouds gave way for a spooky and ominous last day. 
Overall a lovely trip that was all too quick. I am still in denial that I have school tomorrow...

- S

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