Thursday, September 04, 2014

It's That Time of Year Again

Summer is officially over. Senior year here I come. 
I always get an odd nervousness when it comes to going back to school, but I am usually excited too. This year I realized that the first day of school is not all it is cracked up to be. I mean we go from class to class hearing pretty much the same thing. Here's your syllabus, and materials list, now lets play a game or do some sort of get to know you worksheet. 
All that aside, going back to school means I have a fantastic reason to get all dressed up and actually put on makeup for the first time in awhile. 

Romper: Aritzia Shoes + Socks: Urban Outfitters

 My back to school resolution/goal is to stop taking myself so seriously when it comes to my style. I just don't want to feel like I need to constantly put in a ton of effort, when something simple or completely wild can look just as good! So silly style here I come!

- S

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