Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fall is Here

I am finally beginning to feel like fall is approaching, I have already begun pulling out my favorite pieces and can't wait to wear them all. 
The mornings have been crisp and leave me wanting to bundle up in a sweater with a warm cup of tea, while the afternoons bring the sun and beautiful clear skies. Its been sort of hard to figure out the right balance. 
These over the knee boots have always been a love of mine, too bad they belong to my mom... I can't wait to begin really layering with jackets, sweater and hats!! Fall is my favorite season for clothes!

 Dress: Forever21 Shirt: Gap Boots: Stuart Weitzman

I have a few things I need to apologize for... First, my lack of originality with my facial expressions. I am not and never will be anything close to a model, so I usually stick to the basics but I will try to branch out so it's not so boring. Second, I am sorry for taking my pictures in the same three spots... I will try to find new and exciting backdrops, especially now that I can drive.

- S

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