Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Best Birthday

Yesterday was my 17TH BIRTHDAY and it was the best birthday yet!
 The celebrations began on friday, my mom had the day off of work so we headed down to the beach for a girls day.  On sunday we had a lovely dinner and cake with some family friends.  On my actual birthday, my friend Emme and I headed into New York City for lunch at Shack Shake, and then to see the movie What If. It was such a cute movie, and Daniel Radcliffe was just amazing. When we returned home, I had my family birthday dinner complete with cake and presents. Around 9 my friends came to pick me up for some ice cream, which actually turned out to be a little SURPRISE PARTY!! They decorated Kendall's back terrace with balloons, lights, food and a fire pit. My first ever surprise! It was so perfect. There is a short video below from last night made by the amazingly talented Emme. 

I want to apologize for going MIA these past two weeks, I wish I could say that I have been crazy busy but I really haven't. I mean I have been working on my college essay, the applications, my summer reading, and other things like cleaning/reorganizing my room and some little creative projects. I definitely did have time to blog but I just kept getting sidetracked and was really lazy. But tomorrow is the last day of summer, on thursday I will officially be a high school SENIOR! Everything has been going by so fast I wish time could just slow down for a little while. The only good thing is that fall is just around the corner!! 

- S

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