Thursday, August 07, 2014

More Issues Than Vogue

Today I wore this simple, yet sleek flower printed romper I bought from Aritiza (my first ever purchase there). I love that it has the fight and flare style of a dress without it actually being a dress. With a pair of boots and some red lipstick it makes the perfect go to summer outfit. I shot these pictures in my favorite room of my house, the sun porch. In the summer it is my haven, the trees cast shade on the room most of the time and the ceiling fan adds an extra blast of cool air. I love to come out here to read or play music from my computer while attempting to get some things done. All the decorations on the sun porch are in such contrast to each other, but somehow they seem to mesh well. From the wooden American flag to the animal shaped wind chimes. There are always plants resting in golden colored pots, even in the winter.

On my way home from France I bought my first ever issue of British Vogue. Let me tell you... that was the best 8.50 euros I have ever spent (although I am yet to actually read it). I love Vogue in all of its glossy page glory. My philosophy has always been that Vogue is purchased for its pictures and campaigns, while Teen Vogue is for its articles. At this point in my life most of the things in Vogue don't apply to me and I do not have the patience to read the long articles. But Teen Vogue is full of useful tips, tricks and tiny articles. When the end of a month rolls around, I love having a stack of magazines to flip through. There is so much inspiration to be found on the pages of almost any magazine, its just a matter of finding it.

- S

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