Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summering in the South of France Take 5

Birds are too cool. 

We went to a great bird show last week. It started with hawks flying all around, going from one side of the “stage” area to another. Then they had one walk on our legs, and another jump on our heads! The exotic birds came next, bringing with them a multitude of colors. They were all so beautiful, flashing their wings and swooping in and out of the air. 

I learned a very valuable photography skill that day, which is how to take pictures of moving things without using the action setting! That might sound really stupid but I never knew it was possible. I love the pictures of the birds flying in the sky right in the middle of flapping their wings. A few pictures look a little fake, but I swear they are not!

- S

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  1. Sophie I want these pictures tattooed on my body