Saturday, July 19, 2014

Summering in the South of France Take 2

The south of France was once know for its truffle mushrooms because they are very rare and hard to find, but now it is recognized for many different types of dishes. Duck is a key item on any menu, served a variety of ways. It is also known for the vast amount of land, home to many animals such as sheep, cows, chickens and of course ducks! 

But what I love most is the rolling hills filled with nothing but open land and tall grasses that sway softly in the constant breeze. I love driving down the winding cliff side roads, looking out over the villages below wondering what the people who live there would be doing at that very moment.

On one of our many small “road trips” we have stopped to see castles that overlook the cliffs. The first one sat on top of a cliff with a small village built into the walls below it. Some of the houses only have three man made walls, the fourth is of course the rock wall of the cliff. 

- S

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