Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Life According To Instagram

 So much has happened lately...

For starters I got my wisdom teeth out, as one of the pictures above shows I was quite the sight! I may or may not have sobbed in my doctors office before the surgery, over some silly worries about the anestesia but its okay because I am alive and on the way to being better!

Earlier last week my school's spring musical, 42nd Street was nominated for a bunch of awards at a local theater. We actually won six, including best costume crew!!

Yesterday I received an email from Teen Vogue saying that they choose me to be an It Girl. I'm not exactly sure what it means yet but the email said something about special events and modeling opportunities!! Big things are coming my way and I can't wait to find out what they are!

School is winding down and for the first time in my school career I am scared rather than excited for the end. I am a junior so the work won't cease the minute schools out, instead I'll be spending my time writing essays and filling out applications. So much is about to change and time is flying by so fast but I am just going to have to keep moving forward!
- S 

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