Sunday, June 01, 2014

Confidence Is Key Part 1

Hello everyone!
 I am starting a new segment on the blog, I have decided that I want to spread the words of confidence with a weekly "Confidence Is Key" post. For me the best thing about staying true to my personal style is the way it makes me feel, like when I have on a stellar outfit and my confidence is threw the roof. I truly believe that as long as you are confident in who you are there is no one that can make you feel bad about yourself. 
The quote above is one of my favorites because its completely true. Its really hard to listen to someone else's insecurities because it brings out more of our own. When your confidence shines through people notice and they want to be around you! So let your insecurities become a thing of the past and let your amazing self become evident to those around you!

- S

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