Saturday, May 31, 2014

Keeping It Classy

Happy Saturday!!
Earlier, my friends and I got all dressed up and had a tea party complete with fancy sun hats and classy silk gloves! It was definitely one of the cutest things ever and so much fun! We munched on salad and petite fours while drinking raspberry tea (with our pinkies up). It was a perfect time to show off this new dress, I spent most of the morning fixing it up. My sister gave it to me and it was originally a halter styled dress which didn't look very good on me. I took the ties and made them into straps, and fixed up the top a bit by taking out some fabric and adding it in other places. I have never done anything like that with one of my own dresses before, but when I'm working on the costume crew for my schools shows thats one of my main jobs. It was a really great experiment and I learned that I'm pretty good at doing stuff like that, so now I am on the search for more dresses to mess with!

Have a lovely weekend,

- S

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