Wednesday, May 14, 2014


For those of you who are unaware of who this is, I will enlighten you. You have heard me talk about her many times before and I view her as my blogger idol. That's right, its Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller! It must be some sort of miracle that she came to the Nordstrom in my local mall to debut her new collection with Superga (which is a sneaker company). My older sister and I waited in a pretty short line and then actually got to talk to her. I was at a total loss for words the minute I went up to talk to her, everything I had carefully planned to say over the last few days vanished from my mind the minute we were face to face. I think I blubbered something about how inspiring her blog was to me and thanked her for just being her. After we walked away, I sort of just stood in the distance watching her, I promise it wasn't as creepy as it sounds I just couldn't and still can't believe that she was right there in front of me. I contemplated talking to her again for probably like 45 minutes as she greeted other fans. My sister, Abby kept pushing me to go talk to her, and I admit I was reluctant. Many things were going through my mind but the thought that I couldn't shake was that I just wasn't good enough to talk to her and I really didn't want to make a fool of myself. It was silly but I was extremely self conscious. Eventually, I did work up the courage to talk to her, after realizing that it was highly unlikely that I would ever meet her again. I spewed compliments about my love of her blog for a few minutes, we discussed prom (they just did a really cool prom post on her blog) and college. Just simple normal things. We put people that we idolize on such a high pedestal that we forget that they are also normal people. I think the biggest lesson I learned today was just to go for it and take every opportunity that comes your way. Some things only happen once and no one should waste their thoughts on regrets.

- S

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