Thursday, May 15, 2014

Blown Away

Shorts - Minkpink. Shirt - uniglo. Jacket - Vince. Shoes - Converse.

First things first, I am not wearing a skirt. For those of you who can't tell I was actually in shorts.
Second order of business, when did it become spring? Looking out my window earlier this week I realized I couldn't see my neighbors house anymore, due to the lush green leafs that suddenly decided to pop up. Our back garden, which you can see a little bit of in the pictures above, is covered in beautiful flowers. My favorites are the small blue and pink forget-me-nots and the bleeding hearts which are white. I also have a thing for dandelions, although technically there weeds I can't help but love seeing the grass covered in bright yellow. I made quite a few wishes today while taking pictures with the dandelions, I hope they come true!
My third and final order of business is to once again remind you that tomorrow is prom. I had the last alterations for my dress today and I am beginning to look forward to getting all dolled up tomorrow! Be on the look out over the week for a prom post! 

- S 

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