Monday, April 28, 2014

Proving Them Wrong

Aqua dress. Forever 21 shoes and bracelet. American Apparel socks. The cat is not for sale.

 Who ever said that petit people can't rock short hair was so wrong.
On saturday afternoon I joined the short hair club! And I couldn't be happier with the change, although walking into the salon I was sure I just needed to get a trim. Over the course of last week I changed my mind about fifty times, I started off thinking I wanted to just get ride of it all and go for the pixie cut, after deciding that I don't have the cheek bones for that I was 99.9% positive I just wanted a small trim. But then the next day I came to the conclusion that my hair was fine just the length it was. I went through each of those options multiple times, but somehow I ended up with this. 
My kitty Calvin decided to join me for my outfit post today. He is the purrrrfect accessory for today's outfit. I am in love with my sort of neon, flower printed dress that I recently purchased from Aqua. I feel like it's something I wouldn't typically wear which is why I like it so much. These shoes are something else entirely and man are they so unexpectedly comfortable. Who knew that $30 shoes from Forever 21 could make me feel like I'm walking on air?

- S

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