Thursday, February 06, 2014

Ice Ice Baby

I feel like ice is running my life these days, yesterday we had our second snow day of the week, which was nice of course! But everything turned to ice, and because of that I had a very disastrous morning. After taking only a few steps out of my car, I proceeded to have too much confidence in my ability to walk on a flat, smooth surface (in non-heeled shoes I might add), which caused me to fall straight on my butt. You know how some people say the time slows down in moments of extreme embarrassment? That was not the case, if anything I might have seen the world flash before my eyes. Although the bruise that is now quite large wasn't the worst of it, the fact that I was holding my brand new camera made me want to scream until I couldn't scream any more. I scrambled up, then bent down to retrieve the lens cap that had be launch through the air, while flashing the long line of cars behind me. That's when the honking began. I composed myself enough to walk across the cross walk, before having an over the top panic attack. I struggled to keep my breathing under control, while on the inside I was fuming, ready to burst out in tears. But after multiple inspections of my camera, I deemed it fine, other than the few small nicks off to the left side. The rather eventful morning left me in a state of misery for the rest of the day. Tomorrow is friday, so things are starting to look up. 

- S

Dress: Free People
Shirt: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Jacket: H&M

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