Wednesday, January 22, 2014

When Snow Falls

School is cancelled!! 
So all day I have been lounging around drinking tons of tea and eating my new favorite salad (arugula, pear, avocado, peanuts and truffle oil) and just enjoying Winter while it lasts! First thing this morning I threw on my favorite "sweatpants" from Jcrew that are more like leggings, an oversized Eileen fisher turtleneck (the love affair continues) and some comfy socks. Add a Harry Potter book, some bad Tv and a few snow filled walks with my adorable doggy and I have myself the absolute perfect snow day. Except the for the fact that exams are coming up and while I would much rather be doing some fun DIY projects I must get down to business because like it or not exams will not take themselves.. oh well. 
Also who knew cats were so dang photogenic, I mean come on its just not fair. 

If your lucky enough to be out of school today, enjoy it while it lasts! If not... sorry.

- S

Pants: Jcrew
Sweater: my moms - Eileen Fisher
Boots: Llbean
Dog and Cat: Sorry their mine.

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