Thursday, January 30, 2014

The New The Now

Guess what?
I got a hair cut, I hope you all noticed! I know what your thinking; all she ever does is wear black clothing, change the name of her blog and get her hair cut. But this time I am in LOVE, I have realized where I went wrong with all these past hair cuts because all I did was chop off about four inches. And voila! Same hair just shorter, to be honest I wished I went just a bit shorter. But whatever, in order to maintain the short hair life I will have to get another hair cut in just a couple of months. A few things to keep in mind when getting a hair cut: 1) Its just hair, and it'll grow back, so take some risks! 2) Have a clear goal in mind for your hair, and go into the salon with a specific purpose. 3) No matter what, just love your hair because that will lead you on the path to great confidence!
On another note, I am done with my exams! Woohoo!! It feels so great to get all that pressure over and done with! 
Also I have been reading the book that Leandra Medine (the creator of Man Repeller the blog) wrote called Man Repeller: Seeking love. Finding Overalls. I must say it is hilarious, and so relatable. Everyone should pick up a copy and never put it down, even if your not a Man Repeller fan.

- S

Pants: Urban Outfitters
Denim Button Down: Gap
Daisy Button Down: Madewell
Jacket: Vince
Shoes: Vintage Nine West

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