Tuesday, January 07, 2014

An Almost All Black Outfit

I have come to realize that everything black really runs together and makes it especially hard to show off an outfit. So I added a little bit of "color" (the button down) which I guess doesn't count as color because its so dark, but I was hoping it would block out and separate the different components of my outfit. It didn't work so well, at least not for the pictures. Recently I cut my black pants that I wore today so that I wouldn't have to roll up the bottoms and now I love them! They have been promoted to my favorite pair of pants! If your a shorty like me and can only find pants that fit in the waist and not in the length, make the cut, you won't be sorry!

These pictures were taken in my computer room or office area, one of my favorite rooms in my house. The windows in the back let in so much light and almost every available wall space is taken up by either a black and white photo or metal wall art. 

- S

Shirt: Free People
Button Down: Ralph Lauren
Leather Jacket: Vince (my moms)
Pants: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Docs

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