Friday, November 08, 2013

Because its November...

Its time for us to have a talk. I have decided that I will begin to share my opinion more, I mean what else do I have to do on a friday night? 

I would like to dedicate this post to shoes. 

To start we need to talk about Uggs. Its finally becoming the season of boots and not all of them are so welcome. I personally hate Uggs with a passion. In my opinion they are really ugly and clunky. They have absolutely no redeeming qualities, well except that they are warm but who cares because do you know what else is super warm? My Llbean duck boots with a cozy pair of thick winter socks. My feet are nice and toasty and still look good, so yes warm feet can be achieved without wearing Uggs. 

I guess this just about sums it up. But hey if your an Ugg wearer thats ok, this is just my Ugg hating opinion.

- S

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