Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Humans of New York Adventure

Brandon Stanton

Dorris and Ricky are featured on the blog. 

Yesterday I had the most spontaneous adventure ever.

The Humans of New York book signing was happening in New York City, my friends had joked about going knowing that it would probably never happen. One thing lead to another and Emme, Meredith and I ended up frantically running down the streets of our town to the train station, then made a scene while buying our tickets, only to miss our train. It must have been pure luck that there was another train just 10 minutes away, we liked to say that the odds were definitely in our favor and we were just meant to go. 

Once we had arrived in the city we basically ran around Union Square looking for the right Barnes and Noble, after going to the wrong one twice, we made it. And just in time too. Only two hundred people were allowed to be seated on the fourth floor to listen to Brandon Stanton speak, but nevertheless the second and third floors consisted off lines of people hoping to get their books signed.

So that was the "how" we got to the book signing, but now the "why".

There are no right words to describe the Humans of New York blog (and now book too) or the impact it is having on people all over the country. Brandon Stanton is the genius behind the photographs and the stories, he goes around all of the boroughs of New York City and takes pictures of ordinary everyday people. That was my first thought about the blog, but after spending close to a year looking at his blog on a daily basis, I realized that he uncovers the true beauty and individualism of each and every person he stops on the street. Sometimes there are just a few words to each person, just a piece of advice, but on other occasions its paragraph after paragraph of heart breaking or heat warming stories. I wanted to share some of the ones that really effected me but I know I will never be able to capture it perfectly. So check them out here,

I am so thankful that somehow we were able to pull off our last minute adventure, and experience the opportunity of a life time. Humans of New York is a daily inspiration to me and has taught me that behind every person their is a story that is waiting to be told.

- S

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  1. sophie this is such a beautiful blog post!!! love what you wrote