Wednesday, May 22, 2013

There She Goes 

Hello everyone!

Today was another sweltering day, and long sleeves might not have been the best idea but what can I say I just loved the look I couldn't even bear to change it! 

As I was running and leaping around taking these pictures for all of you I began to notice all the cykada's everywhere, from the tree trunks to crunching under my boots. Although I am disgusted that the noisy, nasty creatures are here to stay for a few weeks it's actually kind of cool because think about it... These cykada's won't come out again for another 17 years, Ill be 32 by then and everything will be so different. 

I mean their only here for 6 weeks... right?

- S

Dress: Free People
Shirt: JCrew
Boots: Doc Martins

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