Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Wonders of the Met

Recently I ventured into New York City with my sisters and my mamma, and we went to The Metropolitan Museum of Art to see two really cool exhibits. First we saw Impressionism, Fashion and Modernity which was all about what people wore back in the 1800's and how that relates to modern fashion and costumes. All around the exhibit were glass cases that encased beautiful gowns that were replicas of the type of dress women would wear during the day and night. The paintings that hung on the wall were done by Monet, Renoir and other artists of the time. The whole exhibit was gorgeous and I loved being able to see it.

Stepping into Chaos to Couture was like jumping onto another plant. The exhibit was loud, colorful and crazy but so so fun! The theme of this exhibit was the origin of Punk in the 1970's. As I walked into the first room all I really noticed was the wigs that all the manequins had on, they were a striking dark green and covered with spikes. Within that same first room was a bathroom, and I know this might sound weird but it was pretty cool. The museum took the CBGB's mens bathroom and put it right there in the middle of the exhibit. I mean they literally just placed it there, the real bathroom, graffiti and all! 

 After that first room the next were all based on different forms of DIY's. The first one was DIY hardware, all the mannequins were dressed in dresses and shirts created by designers that were all held together by clothes pins and chains and all different cool stuff. The next room was all DIY bricolage, all the clothes were made out of plastic bags and other fun material. One of the dresses had a skirt that was made out of plastic shopping bags! Next we ventured into the land of DIY graffiti, which was full of bright colors and loud, random prints! The last part of the exhibit was DIY destroy, so most of the clothes were ripped and well destroyed but in a "I'm to cool to care" kinda way. I think that the most important aspect that the exhibit expressed was, "To being about social evolution by questioning and threatening the status quo." The whole thing was so inspiring and I hope that I can incorporate some of what I saw into my own style. If you even step foot anywhere in New York City make sure you go straight to the MET because you wont regret it and the exhibits end at the end of the summer, so hurry up and go!!

After all this we went to see the Broadway show Once which was also amazing and another must see if your ever in the city!

- S

P.S. Sorry about writing a novel about my trip, I know most of you won't even bother reading it but I just had to get all that out there!

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