Sunday, January 13, 2013

I'll Always Follow You

On Sarina: Aritzia

Claudia: on right: Nordstrom dress, Madewell button down

On Meredith: Ann Taylor dress

From left to right:
On Kendall: Forever 21 dress
On Emily: Urban Outfitters dress
On Sarina: Aritzia dress

On Emme: Bella Ro dress

On Julia: Forever 21 dress

Time always moves on, things change, but a little back dress will always be an essential and a go to for anything from a fancy occasion to a low key party. This is my first really dress that I will always be able to go back to, and have for a long time. The collar dresses up the dress, and makes me feel like a grown up! I wore the dress for one of my best friends sweet 16, all of us went pretty fancy because we love to get all dolled up! Oh how I love being young and free!

- S

Dress: Aqua
Shoes: Kiminche Blue (Urban Outfitters)
Bracelet: Links London
Wallet: Cole Haan
Emme Harris photography

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