Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Those City Lights

dress - Forever 21 jacket - Ralph Lauren Hat - H&M 

 On monday it was Emily's birthday so my friends and I headed into the city in the late afternoon. We marched down 10th ave until we hit the High Line, where we continued our walk after a quick stop for some gelato and ice pops. We had dinner at Serafina in the meat packing district, a great little italian place across the street from a cobble stone square. After we ate, we sat in the square sort of listening to the live music that was playing.

As you can probably tell from my outfit I am ready for fall, it is my absolute favorite season for clothes. I can't wait for layers, boots and socks. 

- S

Friday, August 15, 2014

Turtle Excavations

Yesterday evening I went to my first ever turtle excavation. Over the past few nights we have been visiting some of the sea turtle nests in hopes of seeing them hatch. The baby turtles broke through their shells and the sand on tuesday night. After about three days the scientists and conservatory workers dig into the nest to count the number of turtles who already hatched and check to see if any were left behind. The pictures below are of Loggerhead turtles, from that nest 83 turtles hatched and made it to the water, 55 eggs were unfertilized and 2 baby turtles were left behind.

 The second turtle excavation this morning was a Green turtle nest, which is pretty rare for the island. Most Green turtles lay there eggs closer to Florida and there was only one nest on the entire island this year. I think that they look a lot different from the Loggerhead turtles, they have a different head shape and shell. But both were absolutely adorable. From the Green turtle nest 146 baby turtles hatched, 29 eggs were unfertilized and 2 were left in the nest. Once the scientists scooped away all the sand and found the turtles they showed them to the crowd and then  released them a few feet from the ocean. I watched them slowly waddle their way to the waves and get pushed back and forth by the ruff surf. The crowd cheered once they made it all the way in. 

 This year the island had a total of 31 nests, some years there can be up to 100. Turtles lay eggs every 2-4 years, because of this some years there are a lot of nests and others there are fewer. But the really sad thing is that only 1 in every 1000 baby turtles make it to adulthood. It was amazing seeing the first few moments of those baby turtles lives and I hope that in the future I can do many more things like that. 

- S

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sun and Sand

My beach week has flown on by, but it has been great. Yesterday I participated in the Turtle Trot, a 5K race to raise money for the turtle conservancy. It was really hard, running on soft sand is no piece of cake. But it was for the turtles so it was definitely worth the struggle. 

Some of the photos above have been edited (well obviously) with an iPhone app called Afterlight. Recently, a layering option had been added, which means you can put one photo on top of another and then mess with the lighting until both pictures are visible. I LOVE IT. I feel like my photos are more unique when I layer them, and a lot more interesting. If you are interested in purchasing any of my pictures please click here.

- S

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


 Bathing suit and sun glasses - Forever 21 shorts - Urban Outfitters

As you can probably tell from my pictures, I am at the beach! One amazing week on an island off the coast of North Carolina. Filled with hours spent lounging on the beach reading, outdoor showers, drifting over the waves in the clear blue ocean, running to the point with the dogs, bike rides, star gazing, klondike bars, golf cart rides, and sun burns. My family has been going to the beach in North Carolina every year since before I was born, about 25 years. We always spend as much time as possible on the beach because the week goes by fast and then it's a year before were back in the sand again. 

This year I really got inspired by all the bathing suit trends, I love the one pieces full of cut outs or bustier like bikinis. I bought a bunch from Forever 21 in the beginning of the summer, and this one is my absolute favorite.

- S