Monday, July 20, 2015

See You Soon...

If the title of this post didn't give it away, I have decided to take a break from blogging for a bit. Many things in my life are changing, and I do not feel as though I will be able to put the amount of effort into this blog as I would like. Thank you all for joining me on this adventure, I appreciate all of the support that I have received over the past two and a half years. This is not the end of The Adventures of S, I will be back in a matter of days, weeks or maybe even months, I guess only time will tell. But for now, see you soon...

- S

Sunday, July 19, 2015

ASOS internship

Earlier this year I entered a contest with the Australian dress company, Fame and Partners and surprisingly I won the grand prize! In May, I designed a prom dress with the company, which was super cool, I was able to learn about the design process and how to create something unique. The second part of my prize was a week long internship with ASOS US in New York City, which I did over the course of last week. For those of you who don't know about ASOS, it is an online retailer based out of London that has some really cool clothes, everyone should check out, here. I had a blast spending the week in the city, learning about the brand and all the different facets it takes to run a company like that. ASOS is unique in their approach with costumers, they offer different things such as the Daily Destination which is designed to pull people in and get them involved and interacting with the brand and the fashion world.

Over the course of the week I did many different things, mostly comparing ASOS to their competitors through their approach to social media. I was also able to pull clothes from the show room for different magazines and publications. Towards the end of the week I spent some time lurking outside of mens fashion week to grab some street style photographs. This internship was an amazing opportunity and something that I am extremely grateful for. I learned a ton about the company, and the fashion world as a whole. 

- S

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Ticking Time

Lately time has been moving so swiftly, the hands on the clock seem to continuously spin round and round without ever stopping. Before my unbelieving eyes I have finished high school and am getting ready to move away from the one place that I have called home for my entire life. It's sort of terrifying. My biggest fear has always been growing up, I have no problem with the responsibility it takes to be an adult but I have always disliked the idea of getting older, leaving childhood, my home, and people who mean the world to me behind.

 I am also beginning to understand that the real beauty of time is that nothing lasts forever, everything is constantly changing and nothing ever happens twice. There are somethings that I want to last longer than they do, but over the past few weeks I have come to realize that there is nothing special in things that last forever. With time always ticking we are able to recognize how lucky we are for what we have in any given moment and revel in that time. So like the quote above says, "The good news - nothing lasts forever. The bad news - nothing lasts forever." 

Even though I sobbed before lining up for graduation just two weeks ago I am now feeling so much better about this next chapter in my life. I am headed off to college in the mountains of Virginia, and I can't wait to see what sort of adventures await me there. Its hard to see things as they really are until they are staring you right in the face, but once you take on whatever bumps get in your way, change can and will bring wonderful things. 

- S